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What is a BBL Photofacial ?

Broadband Light energy or a BBL photofacial can be used to treat age spots, small facial veins (telangiectasias), rosacea, solar lentigines (freckles), brown spots, poikiloderma, skin laxity, acne and remove hair. This treatment will restore your skin to its natural beauty, making it clearer, smoother, and more radiant.

How does BBL work?

During a BBL treatment, a handpiece comes in contact with the skin, and colors of light are flashed at the same time to heat up and destroy the selected targets in the skin while sparing the surrounding tissue. This flakes off or gets reabsorbed by the body, revealing healthier and less aged appearing skin.
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Am I a good candidate for BBL treatment?

Anyone wanting to improve the appearance of aging skin, such as pigment, vascularity, and laxity, as well as hair removal and acne, can benefit from a BBL treatment.

What are the benefits of BBL?

BBL reduces the appearance of aging skin. The result will be skin that looks clearer, and smoother, with reduced pigment and vascularity. Sciton has developed treatment protocols using the BBL technology:

  • Forever Young BBL has been clinically proven to prevent signs of aging
  • Forever Clear BBL used to effectively treat acne without the side effects of medications
  • Skintyte to treat skin laxity and rejuvenate skin from within
  • Forever Bare BBL to remove unwanted face and body hair

What is recovery like and are there any side effects?

Immediately following treatment, you can expect to see redness, and it may feel like a slight sunburn in the treated area. Depending on the aggressiveness of your treatment, you may have swelling for a day or two. Pigmentation, dark spots, will turn darker and will slough off in 7-14 days. You may have bruises with vascular treatments.

How many treatments should I get?

Your clinician will personalize a treatment plan customized to your skin and your skincare goals. Treatments are performed every 2-6 weeks until the desired result has been achieved. Usually 3 to 4 treatments are required for full correction, although additional treatments especially for rosacea and vascular sun damage, may be required.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Patients often describe a warm popping sensation during treatment. You may experience some brief discomfort in more sensitive areas. Numbing can be offered but most patients do not require this.

Most treatments can be performed in 30 mins or less, but the treatment time varies depending upon the size of the treatment area.

A package of 3 treatments is recommended for most patients and some will require more than 1 package along with maintenance treatments.

BBL is a noninvasive and gentle procedure. In the wrong hands, however, it can cause hyperpigmentation of the skin or a burn. You can trust that our certified experts have extensive experience performing BBL treatments, with the added benefit of having a medical background.

The best candidates are generally healthy, non-smokers who are not pregnant or nursing and those without tanned skin. Schedule a free consultation with our clinician to see if this treatment is right for you.

BBL treatment requires little to no downtime. Patients can return to their normal lifestyle and wear makeup the same day. The most important thing is that you protect your skin until it heals – this means not getting a sunburn, picking at it, or using harsh skincare products post procedure.

Other questions? Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk over any concerns!

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