benefits of virtue rf microneedling

What is VirtueRF?

VirtueRF utilizes Microneedling along with Radiofrequency (RF) and LED light to revitalize the skin. This impressive merger of technologies stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin fibers. The effects of VirtueRF tighten and plump the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture and tone, and minimize acne scarring. It can be used to target hard to treat areas like under eye bags, jowls and the submental area. Virtue RF Microneedling is FDA cleared and the world’s most sophisticated RF Microneedling device today. It offers more power, pulse duration and setting options than any other RF microneedling device. Typically, treatments are performed every 4 weeks. Although some initial results will be visible following the treatment, the best results will be visible after 3-4 weeks.

How is VirtueRF different from regular microneedling?

The most significant difference between VirtueRF and traditional microneedling treatments is the addition of radiofrequency energy. This allows us to penetrate the skin at a personalized specification to effectively treat your area of concerns. The robotic precision delivery and subpulse technology ensures high levels of energy are delivered at the correct depth into the skin while the sub pulse breaks up how the energy is delivered. This radiofrequency technology can better heat the deeper tissues under your skin, leading to improved collagen production and more visible results. Furthermore, the treatment includes the most innovative sheet mask on the market, soothing skin and reducing redness, for a no downtime treatment.

Is VirtueRF right for me?

It’s an excellent option for patients who want to improve the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity. It’s also an excellent treatment to improve your skin tone, texture and scarring. RF can be performed on not just the face but also the body. Because of the customizability of the Virtue RF, your clinician can fine tune the energy distribution to offer the safest and most effective treatment to light and darker skin patients as well as tailor it to specific skin concerns. For more information please schedule a visit on our convenient online booking site.

What are the benefits of VirtueRF?

VirtueRF is ideal for all skin tones and can be performed with no downtime. Patients love the RF experience because noticeable improvements can be seen in just a couple of short weeks and it truly works. However, individual results may vary from patient to patient; you can expect continued improvement for the next 3-6 months after your treatments. A VirtueRF appointment typically takes less than two hours to complete, and most patients only require three to four treatments to achieve optimal results. VirtueRF tightens your skin, reduces discoloration and redness, along with minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, VirtueRF treatments can reduce breakouts and the appearance of acne scars. It leaves the skin plump and youthful-looking, moreover you’ll notice an improved skin tone.

What other services do you offer?

Contour Aesthetics + Wellness provides an extensive menu to meet your aesthetic needs. We offer skin tightening services, neuromodulators, dermal fillers, chemical peels for the face and body, body contouring; as well as hair rejuvenation. No matter your aesthetic needs, Contour can create a customized treatment plan to help you meet your aesthetic goals. If you’re interested in VirtueRF, you might also be interested in cosmetic injectables. Many of our patients prefer to combine several treatments within one visit; call us today to determine which services would be best for you.

Why should I work with Contour for my microneedling?

Contour Aesthetics + Wellness has earned its reputation for excellence by providing its patients with the most advanced medical technologies. Contour holds itself to the highest standard of aesthetic care and offers its patients the most innovative combination therapies. It’s our distinct concierge experience that sets us apart from the competition. Our practitioners are available 24/7 to meet all your aesthetic needs. When you book an appointment with Contour, we work on your schedule; contact us today to book your services!